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Quem Sou

01_About us

Designer's Mint is a creative and multidisciplinary studio that develops projects in the areas of Architecture and Design related to everyday life.

Its members embrace each project as unique and unrepeatable, considering perspectives never explored before and thinking "outside the box". The studio is characterized by a total respect and interest in materials, respecting their nature and characteristics.


New lifestyles, needs, tradition, identity, heritage, culture and ancient techniques are the source of inspiration for processes and creative development. All briefings, whether self-proposal or from clients, are treated with the utmost respect for their integrity.


In short, what Designer's Mint proposes to present are not just projects, but solutions.




03_Our brand

D&M Logo 03.png
mint designers

Duquesa & Malvada is a luxury furniture brand and was specially designed for a cosmopolitan and irreverent public with a determined aesthetic sense.

It is, above all, a brand inspired by the peculiar tastes of an urban and demanding generation, with a strong personality.

Here, we create design pieces that reflect an intense, urban lifestyle in perfect harmony with cosmopolitan elements, trends, luxury, with a special focus on personal style and identity.

We believe that our design, as well as the materials, result in desirable and quality pieces. The production is handmade and completely made in Portugal by artisans with high technical capacity.

We invite all interested parties to embark on this journey with us... an intense, seductive, subtle and mysterious journey.

Duchess & Malvada… Design to Die for.




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Tel: (+351) 221 107 237

(call cost to the national fixed network)

Rua Roberto Ivens, nº100 1FN, 4450-246 Matosinhos (Portugal)

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